Monday, June 8, 2009

Where in the World are the Best Dark Chocolates? Italy, of course.

Still haven’t found the best dark chocolate in the world yet? It’s a tough task because there are hundreds if not thousands of chocolates in the world. It can be fun to test over a hundred different kinds of dark chocolates but it can also do a job on your waist line. Here are a couple of companies that make the best dark chocolates in the world and you can easily get.

Being able to travel the world and try all the cuisine in each country is a fabulous way to grow up but if you can’t -- that’s one reason for the Internet. You can try any type of cuisine and chocolate from around the world, while sitting in your living room.

Only the best dark chocolates in the world!

The number one dark chocolate bar! Although, there are a lot of different dark chocolates, the best dark chocolate is Chuao from Amedei Chocolates. Amedei Chocolates’ was founded in 1990 by brother and sister, Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri.

Italians are true chocolate lovers and go to great lengths for their chocolates. Traveling all over the world to find the best ingredients, Amedei dark chocolate is a delicious combination of perfectly hand crafted dark chocolates. Amedei dark chocolate bar, Chuao, won the gold for the most prestigious chocolate bar. Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

If you like extra dark chocolate then you will love Venchi extra dark chocolates. You can try Venchi dark chocolate without going to Europe to get it. They not only have store located throughout the world but you can get them from several websites. With over a century of experience making chocolates, with the merger of CUBA (Cussino, Biscotti e Affini) in 2000 gives them the experience of Italian chocolates makers as well.

Venchi has Cuor di cacao beans with 75% Central and South American chocolate dusted with pure cocoa. And it is pure heaven! Grind the cocoa beans to your exact richness and make yourself the best dark chocolate coffee, hot cocoa or use it in any recipe. You can’t go wrong with any dark chocolate while using it.

Although a late comer to chocolates, de Bondt chocolates were chosen as "best chocolate makers" by "Compagnia del Cioccolato"(Italian chocolate consumers’ association), "Golden Chocolate bar" by Tavoletta d’oro and awarded two bronze medals by the British Academy of Chocolate. their dark chocolate is some of the best I have ever tasted. With all those award you know their dark chocolate is up to par.

They have white to the darkest chocolate bars and any combination in-between. They also have flavored bars from hot pepper (don’t say yuk, it’s surprisingly good!) to spicy bars to coffee and citrus dark chocolate bars.

Located just a few miles outside of Pisa, Italy, close to the famous Tuscany's "Chocolate Valley", you don’t have to visit to try their chocolates. Just order them from Amazon or any authorized reseller.

As the world gets smaller because of the Internet, we should be able to try any type of cuisine from around the world when the whim takes us. Good dark chocolate is not just for the rich and famous anymore.


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